1on1 Online Training For 2 Hours & Lip Tattoo Course [BUNDLE]

This bundle include:

  1. Full access to the course: “Lip Tattoo Class – Permanent Makeup Complete Course” – Press HERE to see the full details
  2. Two hours(120 minutes) of live private video call with the instructor(Master Lisa)

What you’ll learn in the course:


  • Full A to Z Procedure with all explanations
  • Exactly how to use the machine for lips
  • All small things that you must know
  • Permanent Makeup For Lips
  • What Needles To Use
  • What Techniques Can Be Used To Perform The Pigmentation
  • Skin Stretching
  • How To Pre-Draw Lips
  • Dedication To Be Permanent Makeup Artist
  • Be Interested In Beauty


This course covers all theory – all that you need to know about lip tattoos from your side and from the client-side.

Let’s dive together inside all the technics. in this course, we make it easy. you will learn how to do exactly what you need to do in the precision of a surgeon.

Live model
you will see a procedure from start to the end with all the explanations in between.

There is no subject that we didn’t cover and there is no technique that is not here. If you practice as we teach here there is no reason that you cannot be a professional and achieve a great result

Who is this course for:

This course is for persons that are into beauty. You can be an owner of a big beauty saloon or a person that just starts from home. You will get everything you need to achieve great results

Who is this course is not for:

This course is not for persons that just want to look and not to do any practice. You must practice and put time and effort into this course. If you think that you can do the course and skip the practice in this course. you are wrong

Who this course is for:

  • Beauticians
  • Permanent Makeup Artists
  • Beauty And Makeup Artists

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