Lip Tattoo

Permanent lips make-up is designed to make a better symmetry, emphasize the contour of the lips and the philtrum (Cupid’s bow) and give them shape without redrawing anew.

Dark Lips Procedure


Make Your Lips Shine

This technique involves the application of pigments and color correction for achieving the effect of full color without color changes of the lips. Dark lips procedure is more complex by nature and usually achieved in more sessions compare to other procedures as we need to put and neutralize different colors on the lips. It is a technique that is ideal for people who want to have the same color on the different parts of the lips

Lipstick Effect


Touch Of A Star

This technique involves the application of several shades of pigments capable of achieving the effect of color gradation towards the center of the lips from the contour. Since the contour is more marked, the effect of this technique after enucleation is more visible. It is a technique that is ideal for people who want to have more emphasized lips that have the ‘pomade’ effect.

Nude Color Lips


So Natural look

This gives the lips freshness and achieves a natural effect. This technique is capable of emphasizing the current color of the lips or change the color of the lips to a more desirable color by the client. It also works to give the lips a beautiful shape without strengthening the contour. The technique blends with the labial red after enucleation. It is an ideal technique used by people who do not want their lips to be intensively visible.

Contourless Technique


Fresh Lips

If you are looking for a technique that naturally gives the lips freshness, then this is the right one. This technique is capable of changing the natural color of the lips or enhance the existing lip color to make the lips more beautiful. The technique also gives the lips a beautiful shape without a change in the contour. After enucleation, this technique will make your lips blend with the labial red. This technique is ideal for people who want to attain lip beauty without making it intensively visible.

Permanent Eyebrows Make-up

Regardless of the technique used in pigmentation of the eyes, the result shows natural brows without exaggerating them. This process allows the client to fill the gaps of missing brows, create an admirable symmetry, and highlight the color. You should look for permanent eyebrows that match your beauty type to make it natural and beautiful.

Ombre Eyebrows + Contour


Perfect Makeup Look

This is one of the most popular eyebrow pigmentation technique, often used by celebrities. This technique ensures that the gradation is visible after the pigmentation. It solves the problem of irregular borders after eyebrows enucleation. The beauty of this technique is that it is suitable for all skin types and gives the maximum natural effect.

Eyebrows Microblading​​


Natrual Eyebrows

This procedure involves manual pigmentation that uses a device to create hair. The micro-device used in the process ensures that the result is extremely natural. However, people with problematic and oily skin should not use this technique as it may have severe effects.

Eyebrows Powder Technique


The Powder Trend

This technique is for uniformly pigmented eyebrows. With this technique, the eyebrows do not lose their naturalness despite the intensity and fuller filling. The final effect is delicate and transparent. It is ideal for people of all ages and skin types.

Ombre Eyebrows + Microblading


Mix Of Both Worlds

This technique combines hair stroke and ombre techniques. During the treatment, a client gets the hair distributed effectively and eth shaded space between them covered. The combined technique is great for people seeking thick, fluffy, but still light eyebrows.

Eyebrows Hair Stroke Technique


Natrual And Last Long Time

This technique targets the distribution of hair in an accurate and precise manner. After the enucleation, the distributed hairs match the natural eyebrows. However, you should not opt for this technique if you have problematic or oily skin.




No Makeup In The Morning

The decorative line of the eye is an ideal solution for people seeking permanent eye make-up. It is a strong technique that is not suitable for people with heavily vascularized skin or firmly drooping eyelids.

Soft EyeLiner


Make your Eye Noticeable

If you are not used to daily make-up, you can opt for the delicate thickened eyelash line. It looks very natural. People looking at you cannot notice that you are using permanent make-up; all that they will notice are the visible and beautiful eyelash line.

Lash Lifthing

Lash Lifting & Lash Tint


So Natural look

Natural lash lifting make your face shine as it make your eyes to be much more noticeable.

Lash Lifthing + Lash Tint + Botox


So Natural look

Same like regular lash lifting with the extra curl effect of botox that make it really shine